Chuck Drew, lighting design - 300 years of luminous sound, dec 4, 2018 and nov 11, 2018

Chuck Drew.jpeg

Chuck Drew has been in the audio, lighting, and video industry for over 25 years. Recent theatre projects include The Cherry Orchard, TD,LD,SD (The Classic Theatre),The Amish Project, TD, 14, LD (AtticRep), Tristan und Isolde, TD, LD, (Chamber Orchestra of SA & Opera San Antonio), Epic Proportions, LD (Palo Alto), Nevermore, SD (Texas Light Opera), Tejana Trilogy, LD (Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center), Kaleidoscope 2016-17, VD (St. Mary’s Hall), The Last 5 Years, SD (Texas Light Opera), From the Mahabharata, TD (AtticRep), International Fest of Theatre 2017, TD, LD (AtticRep), and various art installations around Texas. He would like to thank Agarita for this opportunity and his wife, Jana, for her support.